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Diana Cooper School Retreat in Tokyo 2014

Photograph of Elizabeth Ann

 with Elizabeth Ann Morris  

Principal Master teacher of Diana Cooper School


date: Fri. 31st Oct. ~Mon. 3rd Nov. 2014

venue:  Nakano Sun Plaza 


Transformation Healing and Alchemy

This is a 3 day workshop with the 4th day being an additional advanced module. We will be using sacred sound, sacred geometry, sacred communication and soul alignment tools to fully anchor ourselves in the 5th dimensional consciousness of healing and transformation.

All of the exercises and techniques used in this workshop are empowerment tools which you can practice and include in your own healing and teaching practices. Know as you share your wisdom with pure loving intention from your heart that amazing things can happen.


Day 1

Principals of Sacred Sound and geometry

Advanced Chakra consciousness

Attunement, Alignment and Induction

Day 2

 The geometry of language

The Spiritual Law

The geometry of language

Day 3

Higher consciousness and Alchemy

Soul alignment and purpose

Day4 (optional)

understanding the collective consciousness of Japan

and its imprint of people and land

Connecting to the sacred inner portals to heal and transform the consciousness of of the people and the land

price: one day 24000yen   two days 48000 yen    3 days   72000yen

           four days 88000yen

If you would like to find out more about this inspirational workshop please contact:

:  finch.fumi@gmail.com



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